About Classic Door Systems

Classic Door Systems was started in September 2001 in Dallas, Texas after acquiring an all wood & clad patio door operation. Classic Door’s focus is on a specialty–custom segment of the wood/clad door market which larger companies have ignored.

Being a start-up company, Classic Door needed to distinguish itself from the crowd, so we redesigned the existing clad door product, along with expanding the clad door offerings, which enabled us to offer a high-quality, efficiently-produced and competitively-priced clad door system.

Much of the fine reputation Classic Door Systems enjoys today stems from the quality workmanship and caring attitude of our employees. Some of them have ties to the door plant that go back three generations. While we focus primarily on residential applications, our door products are also viable in light commercial applications as well. With years of industry “know-how,” and a product line engineered in-house, Classic Door Systems has positives that not many in this industry can claim.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Classic Door Systems

151 Regal Row Suite 220
Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 678-9555